For industrial, life sciences and commercial companies in Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine seeking to reduce energy consumption and operate more efficiently, Hammond Electric offers proven expertise in green energy and energy conservation initiatives. We have the experience to help you achieve your goals practically and logically.

Green Energy

From reducing your carbon footprint to generating clean energy, Hammond's experienced team will help you go green. Our capabilities include green energy plans, solar systems, hydro plants, wind farm installations, and landfill gas generation systems.

Energy Conservation Electrical Services

Our clients are best served by involving Hammond Electric early in your energy conservation efforts so we can apply our expertise, working with you to develop a plan and solution to best meet your short- and long-term objectives.

Our LEED-compliant energy conservation services are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including old commercial property renovations, mixed-use property development, medical facilities, clean rooms, and industrial manufacturing production lines, including hi-tech, food, fabric and paper production. We specialize in conserving energy through lighting and motor applications.

Lighting: Our wide range of solutions includes installing occupancy sensors in office environments and evaluating the energy conservation benefits of lighting upgrades for your industrial or commercial property. Our vast array of professional conservation services include the capacity to design, build, install and maintain exterior and interior LED lighting.

Motor Applications: We are also proficient in designing and upgrading motor systems, enhancing motor efficiency with variable frequency drives (VFD). We are experienced with small to large industrial motors, with voltages of up to 13.8kv.

All of our processes are carried out in conformance with the latest safety requirements at both a local and national level. If you are considering going green or undertaking energy conservation initiatives, get Hammond Electric involved early in your efforts. Our insight and expertise will assist in making the initiative a success.

We select our electrical contractors based on adherence to Covanta safety policies, quality of work and competitive pricing. Hammond does the job thoroughly and with a focus on safety. They consistently deliver a solid team that we feel good about; it all comes down to the site foreman, and their guys are good.

Dave McQuillan
Senior Project Engineer, Engineering and Operations Group
Covanta Energy

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