As a full-service electrical contractor, Hammond Electric has the experience and the professional expertise to design, install, maintain and service power distribution systems for the industrial, biomedical/life sciences and commercial sectors. Power distribution systems are essentially the electrical hub, the concentrated source of power that is then routed and distributed where electricity is needed.

All aspects of power distribution systems can be customized with integrated components, including switch gears, transformers, panels, feeders and motor control centers.

Designing, installing, maintaining and servicing power distribution systems ultimately affects every application where electricity is utilized in your operations, including clean rooms, computer rooms, data centers, co-generation plants, production lines, mixed-use properties and offices. Power distribution systems are designed and implemented in strict conformance to the safety and quality standards of industry, including those set by OSHA, the UL, NFIB, ABC, ISNetworld and MECA.

Why Hammond for Power Distribution Systems?

A critical success factor of designing and installing power distribution systems is having the knowledge, insight and best practices to design cost-effective systems that meet current needs, with scalability in mind to support future expansions or facility changes. Our proven track record of designing and installing power distribution systems that meet code and safety requirements, and scale to serve future needs in the most cost-effective manner, is what sets Hammond Electric apart.

The quality of work was fantastic. At GE, safety is paramount. Hammond Electric was required to adhere to GE's additional safety requirements and procedures, and they did so thoroughly, with ease and professionalism. Shutting down this facility is a big effort, and they not only did a great job, they had us back up and running ahead of schedule. It was an absolutely fantastic weekend.

John Hinkley
Project Lead, GE Energy Management

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